Sunday, 15 January 2012

80 New Year's Resolutions.

Start Date: 15/01/2012
End Date: 15/01/2014

Purple text - Fini

Started last year looking this this.


Started 2012 looking like this.


But no, I like drastic change. (My hair was even shorter, but I look like a turnip in most of those pictures) So I wanted 2012 to be a year of enormous change. So far that's going fairly well. If you're so inclined feel free to read away the 80 things I want to achieve between now and 2014. I will be posting on this blog regularly now, and hopefully making a success out of it.  

1. Pass my driving test
2. Get an internship at a magazine, preferably Company.
3. Get an internship at a national broadsheet, looking at you The Independent and the Guardian.
4. Become relatively competent in Spanish.
5. Learn to play Horse Ball.
6. Go to an exercise class - Boxercise or Zumba, once a week.
7. Visit Tallinn.
8. Get a high 2:1 or a 1st in my undergraduate degree..
9. Find the perfect day perfume.. 

10. Do another 30 novel challenge.
11. Travel South East Asia, mainly Thailand, Laos and Indonesia. .[Booked! going July 26th -September 17th]

12. Learn to make chocolate brownies.
13. Do something drastic with my hair again.
14. Get my thigh tattoo done.
15. Play polo in Argentina.
16. Ride a camel.
17. Get accepted onto a Masters degree at Nottingham.
18. Go to the Edinburgh Fringe Fest.
19. Get 150 followers on this blog.
20. Become News Editor at the Boar
21. Write for Nottingham's student magazine.
22. See the Eiffel Tower.
23. Visit Budapest.
25. Get my first 'adult' job.
26. Buy a pug and name him Pugsley.
27. Get my first apartment/flat share.
28. Move to an entirely new city.
29. Go to a Full Moon Party.
30. Visit Venice.
31. Go to a music festival abroad.
32. Go to a music festival in the UK.
33. See a film/play every month.
35. Stroke a tiger cub.
36. Ride an elephant.
37. Interview someone famous.
38. Visit Tarifa with Riding Soc.
39. Save £5000. [Up to £2000]
40. Buy a car.
41. Buy a cat and call him Faustus
42. Visit Rome.
43. Learn how to use InDesign properly.
44. Get better at polo.
46. Have a fun 21st.
48. Apply to Teach First.
49. Write 50 articles for The Boar
50. Go tubing in Laos.
52. Buy a Moleskine diary.
53. Find an amazing cocktail bar.
55. Make the most out of my final year.
57. Go to my Graduation Ball.
58. See 5 new cities in the UK - Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle, Dublin and Edinburgh.
59. Volunteer.
60. Spend the next New Year's abroad.
61. Work on my public speaking.
62. Visit somewhere in Africa.
63. Buy my mum and dad a random present.
65. Visit Machu Piccu.
66. Visit the Rio Carnival.
68. Do something very out of the ordinary.
69. Get a part-time job.
70. Do something I always thought I'd hate.
71. Learn a new (non-horse related) sport.
73. Become more confident.
74. Work really hard for the summer exams.
76. Spend less time on the internet.
77. Finish Skyrim.
78. Try Thai street food.
79. Go Scuba diving in Thailand.
80. Get a piercing - I have none at all.

I'll add more when I think of them. I don't want to put down things for the sake of it, so as it stands, I'll leave it on a weird number.

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